Microfiber Towels for Your Car

What is Microfiber?

microfiberMicrofiber is a kind of material that is mainly used as an upholstery fabric because of it tough and resilient nature, but it can also be found in other household products such as drapes, linens, and cleaning tools like mops. The material is less commonly used for clothing, because it is flammable, but it is often used for athletic attire because of its ability to wick moisture away from the body. Microfiber is synthesized from the waste sludge of petroleum products. The material makes use of waste that would otherwise fill up landfills. The fiber is called microfiber because the filament is very small, compared to other fibers, less than .01 denier.

Microfiber towels continue to have a greater than before market presence in the car washing and detailing industry.

Importance of Microfiber

Using meager quality towels can be the difference between a show car perfect finish and paint that is swirled and scratched. Good quality microfiber towels have a deep nap that are able to safely absorb the products buffed from the surface. The microfiber nap also helps to absorb any contaminants that are on the surface and are prone to scratching paint.

Why We Use Microfiber

A microfiber wash cloth or towel can be used without any chemicals to clean, dust and polish a car. Microfiber towels offer an earth-friendly green solution that can safely and effectively remove dust and dirt without the use of chemicals.

Microfiber has proved to minimize the potential for scratches.  Scratches usually happen when particles get stuck in the cloth. The microfiber cloth is so finely woven it minimizes the chance of particles getting trapped in turn minimizing the potential of scratches when you wash your car.

Microfiber has a positive charge, which adds to its ability to attract dirt like a magnet. It is also lint free, leaving nothing behind when cleaning or drying. The fibers are so small they are able to penetrate cracks and crevices that cotton fibers are unable to clean, along with cleaning the microscopic surface pores of most materials.

A damp microfiber wash cloth can be used for dusting, as the dust gets trapped in the fibers of the cloth. The cloth can also be used to clean the exterior of the car and the wheels. Since it’s made of synthetic fibers, the cloth is easy to clean, as the dirt isn’t absorbed by the cloth. Microfiber wash cloths wipe off dirt and prevents it from damaging the surface of the car.

Remember to cut the tags off before use and avoid using fabric softener when washing.

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