Cleaning Your Car Regularly


Cleaning Tips from the Pro’s

auto detailRegularly cleaning of your car can help ensure it has a long life.  A clean car protects against dirt, and other contaminants picked up from the road every day. A vehicle’s exterior acquires a great deal of grime, dust and filth while driving.  As dirt builds up, it traps moisture.   That trapped moisture is then in constant contact with your car’s clear coat, which will slowly chip away at your vehicles paint, exposing metal and allowing rust to converge.

Rust is unsightly, unsafe, and undesirable. And, because no one wants to purchase a heap of rust, it can drastically devalue your car’s resale value.

To keep your car in pristine condition we recommend:

Cleaning both the inside and outside of your car regularly, especially during the winter. Not only should you get a regular car wash, but you should also occasionally get a wax for the exterior to give your paint a nice protective and glossy coating.

For your vehicles interior we recommend keeping it away from direct sunlight and applying UV protectant to prevent drying and cracking.

cleaning tipsHere are some tips you can do every day:

Try not to park under trees, wires and lamps.  Birds like to sit in trees, or on wires, bugs are attracted to lights, and trees can drop sticky resinous sap. This can actually etch into your paint and be horrendous to remove.

General washing to remove pollution is the easiest way to keep your car looking clean. Letting any pollution build up for long periods of time can only make washing more difficult and increase your risk of adding swirls and scratches and other imperfections. Keeping a washing schedule will keep your car looking great. Anyone who wants to maintain the value of their vehicle and keep it looking beautiful needs to protect its interior and exterior.

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