The Importance of Waxing Your Car

Vehicle Waxing

waxingBuying a car is one of the biggest investments we make these days. And, with the current cost of automobiles being at their highest, people are keeping their cars longer. Waxing is a vital way of protecting that investment.

Vehicle owners are responsible for maintaining a regular maintenance routine on their car, but often don’t think about the importance of waxing their vehicle. Washing your vehicle regularly is great, but, it doesn’t protect your car from the elements.  Things like ultraviolet light, ozone, exhaust, dirt, bugs and bird droppings build up tiny scratches and oxidation on the clear coat’s surface. Your cars exterior paint needs more TLC than just a regular wash.  Making sure you get your car waxed on a regular basis will protect your paint job; preserving oils in the paint that help to prevent oxidation.  Regular waxing also protects the paint from the daily wear and tear our cars get from being exposed to the outside world.

It is a good idea to wax your vehicle once every three months.  While a number of factors can dictate how often you want to wax there is one way to determine if you need a wax, perform a bead test. A bead test is simply done by splashing a small amount of water onto your vehicle, if the water beads in less than a ½” diameter beads you don’t need to wax, if it doesn’t then it is time to wax your vehicle.

Routine washing and receiving regular waxing will be the difference in a car that looks great 10 years down the road and one that looks faded and worn out.  With care and proper products you can keep your car looking showroom quality.

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