Removing Water Spots on Jet Ski’s & Boat’s

Hard Water Spots

water spotSummer is finally here!  The air is warm, and the water is cool – time to get those water toys in the lake and work on the summer fun.

But what happens after you get out of the water?  Water can contain a high concentration of minerals, which when left wet on the surface of your boat can lead to stubborn water spotting.  These spots while unappealing to look at, are actually speeding up the oxidation process of the paint and diminishing its value.

The first thing you can do is to wipe down your boat or jet ski as soon as you pull it out and away from the launch.  Once home, make sure to give it a good rinse down.  Unfortunately, soap does not always remove the water spots.

It’s essential that you undertake water spot removal regularly.   To avoid damage to the surface of the vessel from stains and oxidation, it is crucial to remove the spots and to replace this wax coating before placing the boat back into the water. Waxing can help to make stains easier to remove in future. Eliminating stains as they occur is the best way to guarantee that your boat or jet ski remains in the best possible state.

We make sure to use the right products on your boat or ski:

Products we use will instantly allows us to wipe away hard water and mineral spots and dried salt water film build-up, from all onboard surfaces including clear vinyl enclosures and glass.  They break down and liquefies calcium, magnesium, or salt.  All products we use have been extensively tested on a variety of surfaces with excellent results.

Getting your boat detailed with the right products, will help safeguard the paint on your boat lasts for years to come.

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