Keeping Your Wheels Looking Great

Keeping Your Wheels Looking New

dirty wheelsOver the years, wheels can accumulate a lot of grime, dirt and dust, which can be very hard to remove.  This makes your rims look old and shabby. Your brake pads are composed of small metal or carbon fibers bonded with a polymer adhesive. It’s these hot metal particles and the adhesive that can burn into the wheels finish and leave marks that are difficult to remove. If it is not correctly scrubbed off it could lead to restoration or even replacing your rims entirely.

Keeping your tires and rims clean will not only make your car looking attractive, it can help protect your tires against dry-rot which will allow them to have a longer lifespan.   A car with clean, good-looking wheels always gets a better selling price, so prevention is just plain smart.

Using the wrong products to clean your tires and rims can cause damage.  A number of spray-on, hose-off wheel cleaners are sold with claims that they make it easy to maintain your rim.  Always test spray in a small inconspicuous area first.

Having your car professionally detailed on a regular basis can prevent having to spend extra money on new tires and rims in the future.


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