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Give the Perfect Gift Auto Detailing Gift Certificates

Auto Detailing Gift Certificates Auto Detailing – Give the gift of a clean car this Holiday Season!  A full professional detail is an amazing holiday gift to give.  It’s perfect for Mom, Dad, Grandparents and anyone that loves their car. Give the car enthusiast in your life the gift of automobile detailing. A full professional
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ash auto

After the Fire – Washing Soot and Ashes Off Your Car

Wildfire Ashes Can Damage Vehicle Surfaces The recent fires in Orange County could be as damaging to your car as to your lungs. These very fine particles of ashes can be abrasive and can scratch your vehicle’s paint. While it might just seem like a little dust on your sparkling clear coat, owners should be quick
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water spot

Removing Water Spots on Jet Ski’s & Boat’s

Hard Water Spots Summer is finally here!  The air is warm, and the water is cool – time to get those water toys in the lake and work on the summer fun. But what happens after you get out of the water?  Water can contain a high concentration of minerals, which when left wet on
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waxing your car

The Importance of Waxing Your Car

Vehicle Waxing Buying a car is one of the biggest investments we make these days. And, with the current cost of automobiles being at their highest, people are keeping their cars longer. Waxing is a vital way of protecting that investment. Vehicle owners are responsible for maintaining a regular maintenance routine on their car, but
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auto care

Microfiber Towels for Your Car

What is Microfiber? Microfiber is a kind of material that is mainly used as an upholstery fabric because of it tough and resilient nature, but it can also be found in other household products such as drapes, linens, and cleaning tools like mops. The material is less commonly used for clothing, because it is flammable,
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Cleaning Your Car Regularly

  Cleaning Tips from the Pro’s Regularly cleaning of your car can help ensure it has a long life.  A clean car protects against dirt, and other contaminants picked up from the road every day. A vehicle’s exterior acquires a great deal of grime, dust and filth while driving.  As dirt builds up, it traps
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